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Amazing Ideas To Propose A Girl

Congratulations you have found your soul mate! This in itself is a big task. But the story doesn’t end here. Now the daunting task of proposal comes. This is really a tricky business. You want to come out all sweet and charming but not too cheesy. After all, yes is the answer you are seeking and definitely you cannot screw it up with a little gesture of yours. So, here are some amazing ideas to help you propose your girl and make this moment special in all aspects:
  • Use technology-

     In this cyber tech world; use the technology at your disposal to create an amazing proposal. Some ideas would be to create a web page, posting some of the memorable photos of the two of you. A slideshow portraying your first date till the moments you have spent together, which have cemented your real relationship and then the final slide with the message ‘Will you marry me’ could be a really great idea. This would build up excitement, and with the use of technology, some really awesome slideshow can be built up. Another idea could be a hidden message in the mobile, which on clicking opens a pop-up box with the message clearly etched on it. Such as surprise is sure to charm your beloved and get a yes in reply. 
  • Plan out a random visit-

    Just be adventurous and plan out a journey with your partner. It could be sightseeing or watching the sunset. Just be wild and spontaneous in your decision, making it more exciting for the two of you. A good start could be to go on a long drive, reach your destination, indulge in the activity and while coming back stop on any random spot, take the ring and propose her. This would be a real surprise and an exciting way of proposing. 

  • On the top of lighthouse-

    Lighthouse is one of the surreal places to celebrate this special moment. Just take her to the top of the lighthouse and enjoy the scenic beauty. Let her plunge in the lap of nature and get a feeling of revelation. Once, she says there can be nothing better than this view, present her the ring and express that let me try and make this moment even more special by presenting the ring and saying the magical words. The entire event will be a magical story of proposal, which is sure to attract the attention of one and all.
  • A unique idea-

    One of the great ways of proposal could be an out-of-box idea. Go on your usual date and sit in a nice and comfortable corner. Order a sumptuous meal and try and sit just beside your beloved. While in the middle of her snacking, just tell her to look at one side and say that there is such a cute couple sitting there. When she looks there will be a mirror, reflecting both of you. Then just ask the special question.
With these unique ideas of proposal, it is guaranteed that your beloved will surely fall for you. 


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