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Love Is The Best Stress Buster

Love is a feeling which cannot be expressed in words. It transforms one to a world which is full of fantasy and dreams that essentially involves a two-person approach. It does bring the butterflies kicking in the stomach to get that adventurous experience, which is unique in the lifetime. People of all age groups yearn for this magical experience that can be felt only with the right partner. It gives a sense of completeness coupled with fervour of everlasting peace. 
However, in addition to the exciting feeling, love has also some health benefits. 
It has been proved that love can help to reduce the stress levels by a whopping amount of about 25% by just spending a couple of minutes with the loved ones. 
A hug, cuddling or kissing is enough to act as stress buster and relieve one from all kinds of tensions. Scientifically speaking, when in love, certain hormones called the oxytocin are released from the brain, which are considered to give the ‘feel good factor’ of happiness. This overpowers stress and reduces its impact on the brain neurotransmitters, which ultimately gives a feeling of deep seated satisfaction. 
Also, love seems to work as a warmth feeling which has impact on the heart and so invokes a feeling of pure awesomeness. When the heart speaks talking, the brain shuts down, and hence, one begins to feel things instead of analyzing and thinking over stuff. Perhaps this is the biggest factor of targeting and fighting with stress. 
So, the next time, you feel stressed out, just revel in the feeling of love with your dear ones and give yourself a time of pure relaxation and happiness. Love is magical, so drown yourself in this feeling and enjoy its power once in a lifetime. 

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